Feminine Form Herbalism™ is a reclaimation.

Samantha's approach to working with the plants, and her own spirallic healing journey as a highly sensitive, creative, and intuitive woman living in a world that wasn't built for her, has led her to develop her own body of work that she calls Feminine Form Herbalism™.

She believe we all have access to the wisdom of spirit. Our grandmothers and our grandmother’s grandmothers have carried this knowing in their bodies since the beginning of time. Our reliance on the written word as truth has separated us from our own inner guidance system, but when we get quiet enough, we can all hear the plants speaking. When we open ourselves up to receive their information, to create relationship, and to work with them on a spirit to spirit level, we gain access to the wisdom of our oldest and wisest ancestors.

Feminine Form is a trusting of intuition, of the spirit realm, of what comes to us in silence and stillness. You don’t need to rely solely on outside wisdom to understand how a flower can create shifts in your spiritual, emotional, and physical being. All you have to do is allow the flower into your energy field, be steeped in its vibration, and receive. Let the waters of your body memorize its magic. Be transformed by subtle.

After all, the subtle is the most powerful.