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Rooted in Truth

Rooted in Truth


This essence blend was channelled specifically for the On Holiday x Mojalvo community. On Holiday is a newsletter which seeks to explore how we may live more intuitively and intentionally in the world. Seeking softer living, Maya Ojalvo lives from ancestral wisdom and cultures, writing stories about the experiences she has and how she is fostering a deeper zeal for living each day as if she were on holiday.

This essence is meant to support you in a particularly transformative time in humanity. Allow any constrictive egoic attachments to past patterns to fall away with ease, and rise, rooted in the confidence of your innate wisdom. Keep your ear to the Earth, for it has much to remind you of. Your ancestral wisdom is still accessible within you, no matter how much of it has been previously wiped out. This blend is here to help you reawaken your interdimensional hearing and help you remember why you came. 

Reishi is an ancient wise one and a powerful connector. Allow their comforting presence to be your guide through the Otherworlds and to remind you that you are always held within a larger matrix of support. 

Bloodroot connects you to your roots, reminds you of your innate value, and invokes the patience required to midwife your new ways into reality. It also helps you cut through the binding of any karmic patterns on the personal, ancestral, and cultural levels.

Wood sorrel lights up your energy field, showing you the places in which you are unique and quietly whispering the secrets that have always been within you. It's time to come out of hiding. You are needed here. Allow your light to be seen. 

INGREDIENTS: SPRING WATER, BRANDY, ESSENCES OF REISHI* (Ganoderma lingzhis),  BLOODROOT* (Sanguinaria canadensis L), AND WOOD SORREL*  (Oxalis corniculata) *Always organic


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