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Flower Readings

Flower Readings

A Flower Reading is both a healing experience and an offering of tools that will help you navigate the world as a sensitive person.

In a reading, we work 1:1 together to create a somatic shift in your body, to ground, clear, heal, and re-fill your energy field, and to journey into your inner imaginal realms to receive the wisdom of your heart.

In our time together, Samantha will give you space to bring up what you’re currently working through and then she will look into your aura to see which flowers, plants, or mushrooms are waiting to help you heal. As you ground and clear, Samantha will work with those allies to help create balance in your energy field.
Afterwards, she’ll show you which beings came through, relay any wisdom they’ve shared, and then take you on a guided journey to your own wise inner healer.

You’ll leave the session with some ways to work with the plants that came up on the physical or spiritual realm along with the option to be mailed a custom flower essence.
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"Gifted & Knowledgable Guide"

“Samantha is truly a gifted and knowledgeable guide and she led me through a series of meditations to ground and connect with the flowers that came up in my aura. She gently yet clearly explained ways that the these specific flowers could be supportive to me and offered practical ways to work with each of them. I felt truly seen and understood by Samantha, as well as the flowers, and have already begun working with some of the flowers that came up in my reading.” - Jo-Anne

"I was able to tap into my own strength!"

“After the session I felt grounded and more clear, I was so impressed by how quickly Samantha was able to ground me and how effective it was over zoom. She listened with such care and discernment. I left the session feeling empowered, the meditation helped me overcome an internal block I didn't realise I was facing. I was able to tap into my own strength and felt relaxed and ready for what was next.” - Audrey

"I was amazed at how quickly the flower's energy started working its magic in my life!"

“I loved my flower reading with Samantha. The journey she takes you on is very grounding and helpful with what you are going through. The flower she connected me with came at just the right time and I was amazed at how quickly the flower’s energy started working its magic in my life. Highly recommend!” - Kaitlyn

"Wild, Fierce, Soulful"

"Wild, fierce, soulful, yet so rooted in her innate sweetness & purity, Samantha embodies the medicine of the flowers. l felt so trusting and guided in our session, both by her wisdom and her gentle, intelligent presence. She creates a beautiful container for healing and blossoming to occur, and the magic of our time together lives on. I’m so grateful to experience her work." - Rianne

"Spectacular, Empowering, Motivating, & Soul-Nurturing"

“My experience with my reading with Samantha was nothing short of spectacular, empowering, motivating, and soul nurturing. The flowers in my aura were spot on, and I loved them so much that I planted some of them around my house. Every time I tend to them or simply look at them I am overwhelmed with joy empowerment, and admiration. My favorite part during our time together was the short meditation after the reading. Since that meditation, every time I need to feel grounded, present and held, I practice the same meditation and return back to the garden of the wild woman. Words cannot express how I feel such gratitude from gaining this insight and wisdom. To say my experience was absolutely amazing would be an understatement.” - Nicole

"Surprising, Dazzling, but Also So Steeped in Love"

“My time with Samantha and the flowers was nothing short of spectacular, which sounds hyperbolic but I promise that’s how it felt. Surprising, dazzling, but also so steeped in love. The medicine I received from the flowers was so gentle but also so powerful. I felt affirmed, cleansed and fed by a great loving presence, and deeply understood in the flowers that came through for Samantha. Her relationship to plant medicine is deep — both studied, and intuitive. The visualisation that closed the session was especially beautiful. I feel very grateful to have been able to share in Samantha’s magic, and look forward to experiencing her essences and the healing they offer.” - Kari

"I felt safe to go deep with her!"

“My flower reading was so extremely powerful. There was so much that was being cleared from my childhood that I had been holding onto for decades. Samantha holds such a safe place where I felt I could really open and heal. Her energy is so gentle and I feel that this is why the reading was so transformative for me, because I felt safe to go deep with her. Her connection with the flowers is so strong and the messages they had for me were wildly spot on! It was so much of what I’d been feeling but hadn’t put the pieces together yet. I immediately felt a shift after our reading and her medicine worked through me for a while after. I hadn’t felt that grounded and at peace in quite some time before my reading and will surely be seeing her again.“ - Alex

"Left me feeling secure & connected"

“I had an incredible session with Samantha. The intricacies that Samantha does of weaving flower medicine into the session was beautiful and grounding. It was a special session that left me feeling secure and connected to the nature world and to the truth within myself. I am so grateful to have connected with Samantha.” - Stormi

"It feels like my spirit got an acupuncture and soul retrieval session at the same time!"

“I felt totally brand new. After our call, I went to take a hot bath to process everything. I got so sleepy! And once I got out I felt so clear and light. And so joyful! Thank you SO MUCH for this flower reading. Wow what a powerful offering. It feels like my spirit got an acupuncture and soul retrieval session at the same time!” - Jen

"Layers healed & more of myself was revealed"

“Samantha’s Flower Reading is life changing in the most magical, healing, and uplifting of ways. I left transformed back to light after arriving full of such density, pain, and heaviness. I feel more myself than I have in weeks… like I’ve been transformed bigger, brighter, and more heart open. Layers healed and more of myself was revealed. Thank you, Samantha!” - Katy

"Heart-opening & Equally Grounding"

“My session with Samantha was absolutely heart-opening and equally grounding. Her gifts with the plants are so wise and true. I felt understood by Samantha and the plants she channelled. They gifted me with all the missing pieces I needed to move forward feeling certain, free, and connected.” - Alice