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Reclaiming the Garden

Reclaiming the Garden

Re-rooting the Goddess into Eden 

In this 3-day journey, we will look at the ways the narrative of original sin has harmed us, call back the multi-dimensionality of the Goddess, and rediscover the roots that connect us all.

On September 9th, 10th, and 11th, we'll unearth the shameful origin stories so many of us have been brought up on, find the truth of what connects us all, engage with potent symbolism for empowerment, and weave a new story about our right to be in the Garden of Life.

Register by September 1st to receive Wholly Trinity flower essence to guide you through this journey and the integration process.

Replays will be available within 24 hours of class time.

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Day One: The Co-Opting of the World Tree

Sept 9th | 2 - 3PM EST

Today we'll review the Garden of Eden origin story and examine how it has cut us off from our power by depriving us of the wisdom of the Goddess.

We'll look at archetypes, like Lilith and Eve, and reveal the deeper impact this story has had on women, the body, and our connection to Spirit. We'll observe the harms of the idea of original sin and how it has impacted our relationship to self.

Finally, we'll work with somatic practices for processing and transforming rage.

Art by: Jorge Mayet


Day Two: The Fruits of the Goddess

Sept 10th | 2 - 3PM EST

In this class, we'll explore the snake-bird Goddess and the teachings she has for us. We'll bring the rich symbolism within the story of Eden – the snake, the fruits, the exile – into the light.

Together, we'll work to expand our capacity for holding nuance and accept the many faces of the Goddess within ourselves.

Art by: John Collier


Day Three: Weaving a New Story

Sept 11th | 2 - 3PM EST

We'll culminate our time together by dissolving the shame stories, retiring the good girl archetype, and reclaiming our right to be.

We'll work with ceremony to replant our garden and come into our power as divine connectors between heaven and earth.

Art by: Andrew Jeeves


This is for you if:

- You desire to feel more anchored in yourself, your body, or your sexuality.
- You are ready to overcome the feeling that there is something wrong with taking up space as a woman.
- You want to release the ways you people please, or are stuck in the "good girl" archetype, so that you can live a more empowered and authentic life.
- You understand or are curious about the importance of embracing nuance as a way to create balance in our world.
- You feel called to make peace your shadows and more deeply integrate the wholeness of yourself, because you know it's where your true power lies.
- You are ready to write a new and more connected origin story for yourself and humanity as a whole.