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Stardust Flower Subscription

Stardust Flower Subscription

Receive a new channelled flower essence blend for each turn of the zodiacal wheel. Set it and forget it, then a little flower fairy will drop a new herbal ally in your mailslot each lunation to help you work with the energies at hand. 

The blends created will be intentionally crafted to help you balance the light and shadow aspects of each star sign, so that you can integrate their strengths in your life and be supported in their challenges.

This is for you if:
⭐️ You like exploring new plant allies and want to be surprised and delighted each month.
⭐️ You find you have easier relationships with some times of the year more than others, and you want to integrate a deeper appreciation for every stage.
⭐️ You're curious about how much more flow is to available to you when you move with the natural rhythms of the earth.
⭐️ You're deeply curious about astrology and want to learn about each zodiacal energy from a deeply embodied perspective.

Your essence will be shipped out shortly before the turn of the tides (around the 20th each month), in time to give you significant time to work with each sign's energy.

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