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Magical Marketing

Magical Marketing

In this 90-minute free and donation-based workshop, we will Make Marketing Fun Again 🤪 and transform some of your limiting ideas about business.

Break through the belief telling you that marketing is hard for you as spiritual or vibrational entrepreneur. If you consider yourself an empath, highly sensitive person, or someone who works with energy at all, you were made for this!

We'll go over marketing for the new earth, which means approaching your clients with authenticity and frequency first, creating true and lasting community, and reading the collective to deliver something that speaks directly to the heart field.

We might even dissolve some of the barriers keeping you from being seen, receiving what you're worth, and trusting yourself. 

Together, we will move through the process of crafting a marketing plan for a specific offering and understand the importance of doing so, weaving the practical with the intuitive to make marketing magical.

My Street Cred: Samantha Boersma graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Business and Marketing where she studied consumer behavior and trend forecasting. She has worked in sales and conversion for 15 years and has led marketing efforts for, specifically, spiritual entrepreneurs and communities for the past 5 years. She has a lifetime of experience working with energy reading and frequency, and has devoted many many hours to the understanding of human psychology. These specific ideas have been woven from many years of trial and error and tuning into the collective trend cycles.

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